Customer Acquisition Through Video Marketing

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The expertise to grow your business Using video



It's a fact: your potential clients do their research online before they make a buying decision. Today, 88% of all consumers look into a product or service online before making a purchase. And 67% of a buyer’s decision is complete before they even reach out to a salesperson! Potential clients and customers want detailed information about you and the services your company offers, and they want it in an easy-to-consume format. Online video can meet both of these expectations, making it an incredible sales too



Let us show you how well-produced, thoughtful video content can take your business or organization to the next level.  We can help you to attract more customers, build your brand, increase sales, set yourself apart, and become the leader in your market. Our tried-and-true process includes discovering specific needs, strategizing on how to meet those needs, producing videos that draw attention and acclaim, and implementing  an overall video marketing plan that puts our clients in front of  buyers several times along the journey to a sale.



In the discovery phase, we determine what you want to accomplish with video, assess your current position in the market, define your target audience, establish your ideal customer and create buyer personas, identify your value propositions and key messages, and research appropriate distribution options.



It takes a well-planned strategy to determine what types of videos and what internet platforms work best for each client.  Understanding the potential buyer’s journey for the ideal customer you've identified is the key to creating the best content possible for your business.  As certified In-bound marketers, we can assist you and your company in optimizing your not only your message, but also how it gets to your potential customers.  



Our video production services include script-to-screen solutions --  concept development and creation, video recording, editing and delivery options.  We can produce different types of videos that will engage prospects at every phase of the buyer's journey online -  awareness, consideration, purchase and growth.



In this phase, videos are distributed to online platforms to best achieve your goals.  To attract customers, we use traditional inbound platforms: a company website, social media and YouTube are widely-used options.  If a client's goal is internally-focused (i.e. education and training objectives) we can provide content for appropriate learning management systems.    

Types of Video CONTENT


This type of video targets very specific viewers, speaks to their needs, presents a solution and concludes with a call to action. 


We classify a video as "informational" if it presents specific facts about a certain product or service in a clear, succinct, easily-understood manner. 


An educational video's primary purpose is to teach skills and concepts, and to support the learning process by using proven teaching strategies.   


As the name implies, a documentary zeroes in on an aspect of reality, documenting that specific subject (which could be a business, a product or even an idea) for the purpose of instruction, education or maintaining a historical record. 

Promotional and Informational

Educational and Documentary