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The Process

Let us show you how quality video content can take your business or organization to the next level.  Attract more customers, build your brand, increase sales, set yourself apart and become the leader in your market. It's a process to develop a strategy using video to engage prospects at every stage of their buying journey.  The phases of the process are discovery, strategy, production and implementation of the marketing plan.   

Content Marketing

Video content marketing is defined as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Content marketing is customer-focused, and its objective is getting found by customers.  


In the discovery phase we will determine what you want to accomplish with video, assess your current position, define your target audience, ideal customer and create buyer personas, identify your value propositions and key messaging and research appropriate distribution.  options


It takes a well thought out strategy to determine what types of videos will work best and what internet platforms to employ to optimize audience reach and interaction.  Understanding  your potential buyer’s journey for your personas is the key to creating the best content possible for your business.  As certified In-bound marketers we can assist you and your company every step of the way.  


Our video production services include script to screen solutions; concept development and scripting, video recording, editing and delivery options.  We can produce different types of videos that will help to engage prospects at every phase of the buyer's journey online; awareness, consideration, purchase and growth phase. video productions


In this phase the videos are distributed to online platforms to best achieve your goals.  To attract customers inbound platforms such as a company website, social media and YouTube would be used.  Education and training objectives would be realized using an appropriate learning management system.  

Client Testimonial

"It is a pleasure working with the MazzMedia team, who developed several courses for our on line training management system.   They delivered a complete product from beginning to end leaning on their unique skill set and excellent customer service.  Phalcon’s Distracted Driving training course produced by MazzMedia received rave reviews and a 5 star rating from Phalcon employees".                                    

                                                                              -- Einat Dorobantu,  Director, Strategy & Implementation                                                                                                Phalcon, Ltd.


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What you'll get from your consultation.

  • A 30 minute phone call to discuss your needs and possible solutions 
  • An assessment of your current content and distribution strategies
  • Please understand that we are not into pressure tactics. 
  • This is not a sales call but an informational call to determine your needs and if you think we can address them


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