Customer Acquisition Through Video Marketing

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Learn how video marketing can work for you

Watch this short 10 minute video to learn why you need to be using video and how to implement a cost-effective, budget-friendly video marketing strategy.  


What is it?

 If you're not teaching you are not marketing. Content marketing is NOT about selling.  Content marketing is customer-focused, and its objective is getting found by customers.  

They Ask, You Answer.

 Your potential customers use search engines and social media  looking for answers and solutions to solve their problem and that’s where you need to be.  If you don’t have a strong presence on the web, your company isn’t in the running and your company won’t even be considered.  

The Buyer's Journey.

The buyer’s journey acknowledges a buyer’s progression through an awareness,  consideration and decision process that culminates in a purchase of a product or service followed by a growth stage. 

Content with Intent.

Content is the message you’re trying to deliver to visitors, leads and customers.  Each piece of content you produce has to have a clear intent.  Your content needs to attract and engage the right visitors at the right time at each stage of the process. Your content needs to be relevant.  

Social Media.

Social Media is a powerful tool that can help you reach potential customers. It’s important to choose platforms that make sense based on your client and buyer personas. You don’t have to be everywhere on social media but you have to be somewhere on social media. 


Consistency is key in content and social media, video content marketing. For your audience to recognize your brand, you must be consistent. Being consistent in your brand allows you to grow in audience engagement and reach. 

Phase 1. Awareness Videos

A buyer is trying to solve problems, get an answer, or meet a need. They’re looking for educational content to help direct them to a solution.  Here are  examples of an awareness phase video. 

Provides an answer


Phase 2. Consideration Videos

They know they have a problem that has to be solved, and now they’re trying to discover the best solution.  This is the stage where you want to show why your solutions in particular are most appropriate. 

Show why your solution is the best fit

Testimonials influence buyer's decisions

Explain Why You're the best choice

Phase 3. Decision Videos

At this point, the customer has defined the solution to their problem, or the business they will buy from. This type of video supports and leads buyers to make the purchase from you. 

Tell a story that relates on a personal level

Problem Solution

Emotional Testimonial Affirms Decision

Direct Call to Action

Phase 4. Growth Stage Videos

Continue to educate clients on how to best use your product. Keep them engaged and create future upsell and cross sell opportunities 

Customer engagement

Employee Education


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