WHYs & HOWs of Video Content Marketing for Home Care

By 2020 not having videos online will be paramount to not having a company  website.  This white paper will give you all all the information you need to launch a video marketing strategy for your home care company. 



Video Content for the Senior Care Industry

watch a clip from our award-winning Positive aging Series

The “Positive Aging” video series was created and produced specifically to address the health, living, financial and legal issues of seniors and their families. 

​There are many important conversations taking place in the senior care industry. It’s imperative that you take a leadership role in those conversations.  

Relevant, informative video content can help you reach out and talk to your potential customers in your market and establish you as a trust resource. 

International Cinema in Industry Award

Awarded to MazzMedia for  digital programming that achieves the highest level of excellence in production value and message effectiveness. 

Understanding the Home Care Buyer's Journey

Learn how and why video content can build trust and increase brand awareness in your local market. 

Video Content and Distribution Options

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Tell your story.

 Custom produced videos that feature your company and the services you offer will help to set you apart from your competition.  

MazzMedia will travel to your location within the US and Canada. 

Explain your services.

Post your custom videos on your website, YouTube Channel and social media platforms  to build brand awareness in your local market.

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Feature customer testimonials.

Testimonials enable your satisfied customers to tell your prospects how wonderful your business is, so that you don't have to. Engage your audience and build trust. 

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Client Testimonials

We really needed good content and good outreach at a very affordable rate.  We've tried numerous tactics, but they weren't working.  Most of the videos I saw were slideshows and commercials, just promoting themselves.  Now we're getting huge amounts of traffic watching and reacting to our videos.  It's very cost-effective. 

                                                                                     -- Bob Fiorito, President                                                                                          Synergy Homecare of Greater Bristol, CT

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