Customer Acquisition Through Video Marketing

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What is video content marketing?

Video marketing is necessary -- and it's here to stay!  Learn how to build a sustainable video content marketing strategy.

What are my different online marketing options?

There are numerous inbound and outbound marketing channels available to your business. You can't be everywhere, but you need to be somewhere online. It's important to understand your options and offer video content that will attract and engage prospective customers.

What is the process of starting a video marketing plan?

Learn the process of implementing a cost-effective video marketing strategy for your small business. It all begins with asking relevant questions. Your answers become the basis for video content that will be an integral part of your sales process.

What Problem does Mazzmedia solve for small businesses?

Video marketing is about providing quality content that answers the questions your prospective clients are asking. MazzMedia is in the business of creating quality, relevant content for small businesses.

How do you Differ from a typical production company?

Video content marketing is much more than recording a video. Sure, we do video ... but more than that, we are experienced, highly-acclaimed producers and storytellers.

How do you differ from an online marketing company?

Social media and SEO are ways for you to connect with customers. Online channels and platforms are important, but MazzMedia understands that marketing begins and ends with quality, relevant video content that gives potential customers what they are searching for - answers!

How much will video marketing cost?

MazzMedia provides a variety of video marketing packages designed to meet your marketing goals and your budget. 

What are the roadblocks to online marketing success?

What's preventing you from using video marketing? Why hasn't it worked for you in the past? Learn how we knock down the roadblocks to online marketing success and design a strategy that gets quantifiable results. 

Can I do it myself?

The short answer is yes -- you can produce your own content and video marketing plan. But there are some reasons why you most likely won't launch a video marketing strategy.

What are The pros and cons of producing your own videos?

You can save money by producing video content yourself, but there are drawbacks, too.  Here are the pros and cons of trying to manage content development in-house.