MM4322_Weed DVD

Talk It Out: Effects of Weed on Your Body and Brain



Using vintage footage, the program opens with a discussion of how peoples’ attitudes about marijuana have changed dramatically over the years, but the one thing is certain; marijuana changes the way the brain functions.  Students will learn how the THC in marijuana enters the lungs, is absorbed into the bloodstream, and enters the brain almost immediately.  Viewers will come to understand the immediate effects of marijuana use on various body systems.   The program discusses the effects of marijuana on attention, memory and learning and sites the evidence from scientific studies on the long-term, harmful changes in the brain.  In addition, the program explores the use of medical marijuana and its legalization as a recreational drug in different states.

Learning Objectives:

• understand that marijuana changes the way the brain functions

• learn the immediate effects of marijuana on the body systems

• understand marijuana has negative effects on attention, memory and learning 

learn that marijuana is a drug that can be prescribed for medical purposes

• recognize that marijuana is an illegal recreational drug

Grades 7 to 12

Item# MM4321

Running Time: 14 Minutes

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