You Can Keep Yourself Safe: Touching Safety and Stranger Safety



Through age-appropriate vignettes students will learn the difference between a safe touch and an unsafe touch.  Students will come to understand that any touch whether it’s a high-five, a hand shake, a kick, a fist bump, a punch or a kiss can be labeled safe or unsafe depending on the situation and whether or not someone agrees to the touch.

The video reinforces the message that only YOU can decide if it’s a safe touch or an unsafe touch and that YOU set the boundaries.  Viewers will also come to know about “private parts” of the body and that nobody should ever touch your “private parts” with a few exceptions.

Students will learn what they can do when they feel uncomfortable with a touch and determine it is an unsafe touch. Children will understand the importance of saying STOP and repeating it over and over again until the perpetrator complies.  They will come to realize that they’re in charge of their body and that only they can decide if it’s a safe or unsafe touch.

4 out 5 five sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim. Students will learn to never keep a secret, especially when it comes to unsafe touches.  Many students who are sexually assaulted have feelings of anger and guilt that presents through dramatic changes in behavior and attitude.  In the video, children will learn the importance of not keeping secrets and the need to get help by telling the secret to a trusted adult.

Many children are sexually abused by a family member.  It’s a confusing and traumatic event in a child’s life.  More times than not the child feels the incident is their fault.  They don’t want to get the family member in trouble and they’re reluctant to inform anyone of the situation because of the personal ramifications and impact on their family. They also fear that no one will believe them.  Viewers will learn that even though divulging the secret is difficult, it is necessary that they inform a grown up they trust immediately.

Today, trafficking children for sexual exploitation is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. Through coercion and deception teens and young women are forced into the sex trade.  In this program, students will come to understand the tactics and methods “strangers” use to manipulate and recruit their victims.  Students will learn the warning signs and learn what to do to avoid potentially dangerous situations.   

Learning Objectives

   – Understand the difference between a safe touch and an unsafe touch

   – Realize that each person establishes their own safe touch and unsafe touch boundaries

   – Recognize that sexual assault is never the child’s fault

   – Report ALL incidents of unsafe touches to a trusted adult

   – Awareness of potential stranger-danger situations

   – Never take or send inappropriate or compromising pictures of yourself or anyone else


Grades 5 to 8

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Running Time: 2o Minutes

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