MM4181 Lab Safety

Being Safe and Successful in the Science Lab



Being Safe and Successful in the Science Lab is a video program designed to assist teachers in creating a safe and successful learning environment in a high school laboratory setting. The video includes fifteen video segments each designed to inform and instruct students about appropriate procedures and behaviors in the science classroom laboratory.

The topics covered include wearing proper personal protective equipment, chemical safety, handling spills, working with hot plates and Bunsen burners and other issues to make students aware of the need for safety. In addition, the program covers topics such as controls and variables, accurate measurements, how to prepare and observe microscope slides.

This video is the perfect compliment your existing safety and laboratory instruction lessons. Segments in this program include:

  • Controlled Experiments
  • Making Careful Observations
  • Controls and Variables
  • Importance of Accurate Measurement
  • How to Prepare A Microscope Slide
  • Reviewing Lab Safety Practices
  • Dressing Appropriately in the Lab
  • How to Handle Chemical Spill
  • Correct Disposal and Clean Up
  • Cleaning Up Spills
  • Bunsen Burner & Hot Plate Safety
  • Basic Lab Safety Rules
  • Radiation Safety Procedures
  • Safe Handling of Corrosive  & Flammable Chemical Reagents
  • The Scientific Method

Running Time: 42: min | Copyright: 2015 | CC: No | Format: DVD and On-Demand Streaming

ISBN: 1-934119-42-3 | UPC: 0 92388 0706 9 0

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