My Blog: When BFFs Go Bad (Responsibility in a Digital World)

My Blog: When BFFs Go Bad (Responsibility in a Digital World)



Is there something on your cell phone or computer that you don’t want others to see? Is there an embarrassing photo of you on your friend’s cell phone you wouldn’t want others to see? In this program students will learn that information stored on any digital device, computer, camera, electronic pad or cell phone at any second can become public and it can live forever in a digital world. This program stresses to viewers the importance of online responsibility and having a digital awareness. Students will come away with an understanding that it’s not just what you say and do online, but what others can do with your pictures, words, and videos that can negatively impact you.


Running Time: 16 min |  CC: Yes |
ISBN: 978-1-936418-59-6 | UPC: 0 92388 1201 9 7

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