Marvel and Friends: Sharing and Taking Turns



Marvel and Friends is a DVD series geared specifically for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The “Sharing and Taking Turns” title focuses on teaching socially appropriate ways of interacting with other children, with an emphasis on sharing and turn taking. Scenarios are broken down and each step is verbally described for the viewer, which is very helpful for a child with ASD who may have trouble reading nonverbal cues. The DVD also includes flashcards with visuals for “Look” (eye), “Listen” (ear), and “Stay Calm” (hands facing down) that are used in the video to prompt children on how to respond when they start to get frustrated.

The mix of animation and real life scenarios coupled with music videos makes for an educational and entertaining video, that will sustain the attention of most young children with ASD or other social skills deficits, or those typically functioning preschoolers struggling to learn these important life skills.


Running Time: 20 min | CC: No | Elementary 
ISBN: 1-934119-51-2 | UPC: 0 92388 0715 9 8

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