HIV AIDS: It's Still A Big Deal

HIV AIDS: It’s Still A Big Deal



Recent news stories about a functional cure for HIV-AIDS, possible vaccinations and an AIDS-free future within our reach have made headlines all over the world.

The hopeful message directed to persons with HIV-AIDS is that the disease is no longer a death sentence and you can live a relatively normal life. However, this message has also been misunderstood. Today, many people believe that HIV-AIDS is a disease they don’t have to worry about anymore. It’s no big deal.

In this program students will listen to straight talk by medical experts that work on the front line of HIV-AIDS treatment and research. They’ll also hear the stories of a young male and female who are living with the HIV virus today who candidly discuss how they contracted the disease and the social, emotional and financial impact it has had on their lives. Their message is very clear; “if you DON’T think you’re at risk, you’re at risk”. Students will come to understand the HIV-AIDS virus, how it’s contracted and what preventative measures they need to employ to avoid getting this life-altering disease.

After viewing this program, students will come to understand that despite the recent medical advances in the treatment of HIV-AIDS, the risk of contracting this devastating disease is always present and that because everyone is at risk, they must take the necessary precautionary measures to protect themselves and to stop the proliferation of this devastating disease.

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