Heroes of Freedom: Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks

Heroes of Freedom: Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks



Written and developed for young learners, the life and times of Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks will come alive for children in this live-action program about two of America’s most enduring heroes of freedom. Stirring dramatizations and historically accurate reenactments, photographs and colorful maps help tell their stories.

Take your students on an impossible field trip to 1830 and the cotton fields of a southern plantation. Have them experience what life was like for an enslaved person. Then transport them to 1955 to a bus stop in Montgomery, Alabama where they can experience the unfairness of segregation. Using this program in your classroom will help to reach students with a variety of learning and information acquisition styles.


Chapter 1. Harriet’s Life as an Enslaved Person
Chapter 2. Harriet’s Travels on the Underground Railroad
Chapter 3. Slavery Ends in America
Chapter 4. Harriet’s Escape to Freedom
Chapter 5. Life in Rosa Park’s America
Chapter 6. The Civil Rights Movement
Chapter 7. Rosa’s Act of Defiance

Key Benefits:

  • correlates to national and state curriculum standards
  • age-appropriate scripts ensure clarity of concepts
  • graphics and maps used to reinforce understanding and recall
  • important vocabulary words are highlighted

Vocabulary Words:

enslaved person, plantation, Underground Railroad, abolitionist, conductor, station, station master, civil war, emancipation, segregation, Jim Crow Laws, civil rights, boycott

Running Time: 20 min | CC: No | Grades 3 to 8
ISBN: 1-934119-57-1 | UPC: 0 92388 0721 9 9

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