Everyday Conflict

Everyday Conflicts: Conflict Resolution

Conflicts between elementary students can arise for many reasons including resources, needs, values and beliefs.  In the classroom, on the playground or on the bus, these conflicts can many times escalate into a physical altercation.  Handling Everyday Conflicts helps students to learn simple strategies and techniques for resolving conflicts.

This program presents a variety of typical, age-appropriate scenarios with children resolving conflicts with their peers.   Handling Everyday Conflicts will provide opportunities for developing necessary skills such as effective communication, cooperation, compromise, and the affirmation of each child, all part of the process of conflict resolution.   This program demonstrates to children how they can work out their own differences and recognize the issues that they may not be able to hand and where adult intervention may be required. Students will learn that sometimes that it is okay to ask for help.

Watching Handling Everyday Conflicts and participating in the related activities of the program will help your students learn alternatives to fighting as a way to solve their disputes.

Learning Objectives

This program will help students:

• Learn techniques for improving communication skills

• Recognize the importance of good communication and getting all the facts when a conflict arises

• Learn the importance of employing good listening

• Figure out ways to compromise as a way to negotiate a conflict

• Know when and where to go for help when a conflict arises

• Practice conflict resolution techniques

Running Time: 14:30

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