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Classroom Video Vocab Series

Over 500 Titles Currently Available

Mazzarella Media has over 500 K-12 titles available to license.  The programs are in the areas of science, social studies, math and language arts.

Mazzarella Media offers digital rights to educational publishers and distributors, schools, school districts and regional media centers for all videos produced by Mazzarella Media, Inc. We offer flexible terms including length of licenses and different formats are available.

The video programs can be branded and customized for your company and organization.

Video Vocab is more than a definition.

Science Video Vocab helps teachers to provide their students with effective ways to learn and retain science and social studies vocabulary. This live-action video program incorporates many research-based learning strategies proven to help students learn and retain vocabulary. Each video features a wide variety of video footage, photographs, diagrams and colorful, animated graphics and labels. The uses of visual reinforcement supports comprehension and retention.

Each program begins with a simple definition. The word or term is repeated numerous times by the narrator and the text shown on-screen. This helps clarify pronunciation and provides opportunities to transfer words from working to long-term memory. In addition, the words are used in various contexts providing students with a model for how to appropriately use the words.

Related words are also used and reinforced with text. The facts or characteristics of the concept are outlined. Then examples and non-examples of the term are clearly demonstrated. At the end of every Video Vocab segment students are asked a critical thinking question on their newly acquired knowledge. Video Vocab provides educators with an alternative way to help their students learn academic vocabulary and allows students to think about words beyond the simple recitation of a definition.


List of Video Vocab Titles


Digital Licensing Rights Available

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