Bailey's Big Back Yard:  Rainforest Adventure

Bailey’s Big Backyard: Rainforest Adventure



Bailey is an adventurous and inquisitive kid whose curiosity leads him to explore the world with the help of his two friends, Boggs, a mischievous Frog, and Maggie the magical magnifying glass. This program opens with Bailey exploring his “animated” backyard. As he plays, he discovers, and that naturally leads to questions. Bailey’s questions are posed to Maggie who invites them to take a closer look into her glass. There the answers await. Maggie then transports Bailey and Bog to a real world rainforest to help them find answers to their questions.


Running Time: 13 min | CC: No |
ISBN: 1-934119-88-1 | UPC: 0 92388 0922 9 6

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