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Social Strategies for Kids Module

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The Social Strategies for Kids Module provides educators with all the tools they need to focus on and enhance the emerging social skills in students grades Pre-K through Grade 3.

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Many children do not have an available repertoire of social and coping strategies. When faced with an upsetting or vulnerable situation, these students can easily turn to violence, anger or self-harm.  Conversely, when students learn and develop positive social and coping skills, we provide them with alternatives that can help turn problem situations into positive outcomes.

5 Award Winning Children’s DVDs

This custom-developed content includes 5 entertaining and engaging children’s DVD that utilize video modeling, informative narration an “kid-friendly animation to teach children, grades K-3 important skills necessary for successful social interaction and emotional management.   The award-winning DVD titles included in this module are:

  • Marvel and Friends: Handling Transitions and Change
  • Marvel and Friends: Sharing and Taking Turns
  • Get Along Monsters: We All Get Mad Sometimes
  • Get Along Monsters: 8 Ways to Handle Anger
  • Get Along Monsters: 5 Ways to Work Things Out

Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide

The module features an easy-to-use, all-inclusive teachers guide on CD.  The teacher’s guide is jam packed with over 80 pages of:

  • Individual and Group Activities
  • Print Outs
  • Worksheets
  • Lesson Plans
  • Materials for Further Research

Most lesson plans and activities provide special education modifications.  These simple modifications can be used easily and easily adapted in special education and inclusion classrooms where social skills can be the most challenging to teach.

The lesson plans and activities are geared toward elementary children but there are adaptations to some of the lesson plans for older children.  Some activities are made to use with groups, and many are made to allow children to explore social concepts on their own.  Materials for further research are also presented. They are not necessary to complete the lesson plans, but are suggestions for further reading or exploration of a given topic.

“Strategies” Poster

A colorful poster enclosed in the module can be placed in the classroom to serve as a simple reminder and guide to reinforce the strategies learned.


“I am a special education teacher who teaches a range of students including children with autism. I have just started using this module as a social skills center in my resource room. It has been great being able to refer to the videos in some of the real life situations we encounter throughout the day.”
– Stephanie S.- Southington, CT


“I am enthusiastic about the actual programming content on the DVD. The modeling is straight forward and the recaps are upbeat rather than condescending.  Bravo!”
– Kari-The Karianna Spectrum