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About Mazz Media

Everything we do at Mazzarella Media is predicated on our belief that the key to success and happiness is knowledge and understanding of self and the world.  By using strategies for efficient and effective teaching, we compose excellent scripts, produce quality moving images, and create dynamic graphics to communicate academic and human relations concepts. We create engaging multi-media experiences to help students learn and teachers teach.

We’ve won hundreds of industry awards for excellence, too. Winning an Emmy® Award and two Parents’ Choice Gold Award for the best children’s video of the year remain professional highlights.

Teachers, media specialists, and counselors alike have come to trust Mazzarella Media for quality content and the highest production values. You will find our classroom media engaging and entertaining and your students will, too. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Closed Captioning Quality Rules I Certification

Mazz Media – Award Winning Producers

Mazz Media has had many opportunities to produce high-quality educational resources for  students and teachers alike. For those efforts Mazz Media has received numerous awards and accolades!

Emmy Award, Television Broadcast Documentary
Telly Award, Excellence in Video Production
Best in Teacher Recommended Products
Parent's Choice Gold Award
Silver Apple Award
Parents' Choice Recommended
Oppenheim Best Video - Outstanding Production
Quality Children’s Programming
Gold Camera Award - Outstanding Production
Dove Family Approved Program

Emmy® Award winning documentary writer and educational media producer Anthony Mazzarella has seen the education-technology revolution transform education at a dizzying pace. How has it affected learning? What’s its impact on the way teachers teach?With over three decades in educational content development, and coming from a family of public school educators, Anthony appreciates that it’s not technology that teaches. It is teachers using technology that creates learning experiences that meet the needs of all learners. Anthony is passionate about creating quality educational content that supports the teaching efforts of elementary, middle and high school teachers everywhere. By promoting the development of engaging, efficient and effective content, Anthony has grown his company to be one of the most highly respected and successful independent educational media producers in the country.Anthony has also written and produced two preschool videos that earned “Best Children’s Video of the Year” and he’s been honored with numerous industry awards for creativity and excellence.


Anthony J. Mazzarella

EMAIL: tony[at]


Thomas Mazzarella

EMAIL: tom[at]

Just like lots of people, Thomas Mazzarella, owner, producer, videographer and editor of Mazzarella Media has come to understand that he is a visual learner. To retain information Tom needs to create vivid mental images, and enjoys looking at maps, diagrams and video.Possessing a highly developed visual and spatial intelligence, Thomas has the ability to perceive and interpret the visual. Blending artistry and technical skills, he can effectively capture and manipulate images and sound, to clearly explain a complex scientific concept, tell the story of an important historical event or convey the emotional impact of human interactions.For over 30 years Thomas has applied his organizational, creative and meticulous editing and finishing skills to set Mazzarella Media’s high standards of quality educational media. His productions have garnered numerous awards in the media industry for creativity and technical excellence.

Evolving from an earlier educational and performance background in art and theatre, Mark Mazzarella began a career in broadcast television producing and hosting a nationally syndicated children’s educational television show called “AbraKadabra”. Mark is a true innovator.As co-founder of Mazzarella Media, Mark honed his skills as a director and graphic designer. He was instrumental in raising the production values of the educational media industry. Introducing bold, innovative graphics, colorful animated elements and original music to the programs, Mark made educational media more engaging and fun.Mark is also an Emmy Award winning writer. As a teacher, he is passionate about teaching and is an advocate for arts in education.


Mark Mazzarella

EMAIL: mark[at]

With a script and a blank timeline in front of her, Effie Cahill, editor and producer at Mazzarella Media, sees a myriad of possibilities to tell a story. After graduating with a degree in communications from Marist College, Effie worked as a freelance editor. Recognizing her innate talent, Mazzarella Media offered her a position. For the past decade, Effie has edited, developed and produced scores of programs, many of them earning top honors from industry peers. Effie edits an educational program with the learner in mind. She carefully designs each project so the information is delivered in the most effective fashion using meaningful images that honestly represent the concept being presented. Each program Effie creates has an organized flow from beginning to end.Effie understands that the content of the video must intrigue learners sufficiently so they pay close attention to concepts or skills being presented.


Effie Cahill

EMAIL: effie[at]