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As a producer of educational media I’m very focused on making sure that the content we produce presents information in a way that makes the subject matter easy to understand for just about any learner.  However, I very rarely ever think about the impact of our productions on the learner.  But the other day I had an experience that reminded me of why we do what we do and why it is important.

You see I wanted to trademark a name and logo for a new product.  So, I went to the trademark office website and began to read about how to do it. Now, if you’re like me, reading directions, forms or manuals (especially from government agencies) turns my brain to mush.

I began reading the directions around 10:15 am. At 10:47 I looked at the clock and realized that I was no closer to understanding what I was supposed to do than I was when I had started.  So being persistent, and enjoying a challenge, I went directly to the application while telling myself I can figure this out.   At approximately 12:05 pm I had my company name and address on the form and nothing else.

I then realized there were videos that explained the process, but at first I didn’t want to take the time to watch the 20 minutes of video that could very well solve my dilemma.  When common sense set in 5 minutes later, I clicked play.  Wow! These talking heads along with images walked and talked me through the process.  After viewing the videos, and feeling empowered, I completed the entire application in 20 minutes, uploads and all.   And best of all the United States Patent and Trademark Office accepted the application.

Then it dawned on me.  This is what educational video is all about. The stuff we produce does impact learners every day.  Our videos on Simple Machines, Newton’s Laws of motion and Elastic Rebound Theory explain these concepts to students better than any other medium.  Our programs on Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Bullies provide students with the practical information that will help them throughout their life.

I not only felt a sense of accomplishment for successfully completing the trademark application but I also felt a sense of pride and satisfaction because what we do does impact lives.  To celebrate I went to a movie that night and treated myself to popcorn.

Every once in a while, it’s good to stop and reflect on how what you do impacts others.

Tony Mazzarella is President of Mazz Media and has been a writer and producer of educational media for over 30 years.