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Help Children Cope With Conflict Using Social Strategies

Kids need strategies to help them cope with conflict. Everyday situations can escalate into harmful incidents and lead to high-risk behaviors.

 The pre-K child wants to ask for his or her turn to play. The middle school sister wants to say no to an insistent brother. The teen driver competes with friends, music, and cell phone in the car. Each scenario is an opportunity to teach basic social strategies and avoid adverse consequences.

Through modeling numerous scenarios, you give children an opportunity to learn basic social skills. They will learn how to avoid problems, increase their confidence, and develop lifelong coping mechanisms. This prepares them for the changes and challenges they’ll encounter throughout their day.

Make It Fun to Learn

Help children explore coping solutions by introducing some of the challenging situations with role play or video. Teaching social strategies through acting out possible consequences can be very empowering. It gives children powerful tools to protect themselves and those around them.

The everyday interactions in Mazz Media’s videos give children examples to follow when coping with conflict. For the younger child, animated fun helps to communicate their choices. For teens, dramatic tension builds through play-it-out enactments. All ages will find valuable models to build on and guide them through their social development.

Throughout the month of March, featured videos include “Social Strategies for Kids Module,” the “Get Along Monsters” series for elementary school children, and the “Play It Out” series for teens.