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Celebrate Black History Month With “Heroes of Freedom: Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks”

When Harriet Tubman was just seven years old, she was sent to another household, away from her mother and father, her eight brothers and sisters, and the one-room cabin they all lived in. She had already been working as a slave for a year, carrying heavy buckets of water to fieldworkers.

At the new place, Harriet was given the job of winding yard, and she was often whipped. She had no bed, and she kept her feet warm on cold nights by sticking them in the fireplace ashes.

She loved the outdoors, so when her new owner made her work setting muskrat traps in the cold river waters, she managed to find enjoyment despite the harsh conditions and scraps of food she was given. She was a slave without her family, a home, or the freedom to do what she liked.

Harriet Tubman kept working hard all her life. Once she escaped, she worked to lead hundreds of slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. This video segment gives you a glimpse of Harriet’s childhood and the life of an enslaved child.

Learn More About The Heroes of Freedom

Watch the full video to learn more about the child who grew up to be a leading abolitionist and the first female spy and battlefield leader for the Union army during the Civil War, as well as the story of Rosa Parks and the city-wide boycott she started that changed public bus segregation.

Find “Heroes of Freedom: Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks” and other educational videos for Black History Month from Mazz Media.