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America’s Journey Through Slavery, Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator

The Great Emancipator had modest beginnings. Abraham Lincoln was raised on a Kentucky farm as a child pioneer. He hunted and fished for his family, and whenever he had spare time, he could be found reading books.

One of his favorite books was a biography about George Washington. He grew to be a successful lawyer with the values he learned from the former president. Before he became the sixteenth president of the U.S., his interest in politics led him to take a moral stand against slavery.

He ran for president as a member of the newly established Republican party. Lincoln led this new party into what would become the costliest and most deadly conflict in America. At a turning point in the Civil War, he renamed the cause from reunifying the union to abolishing slavery.

The Journey Through Slavery Ends

Lincoln said that all people held as slaves “henceforward shall be free.” The Emancipation Proclamation was born. The Union would remain together by threads, but the fight for equality had only begun.

Learn more about the sixteenth president’s childhood, leadership, and radical views against slavery for Black History Month. Watch a video clip of the complete video “America’s Journey Through Slavery, Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator” for your classroom or homeschool from Mazz Media.